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Kim Adragna

Kim AdragnaKim Adragna has had a professional career in the entertainment industry including titles as On-air radio personality, entertainer, actress, model, singer/songwriter, videographer, editor, voice-over actress, writer, producer and brand influencer. Kim is best known for The Grindhouse Radio, Behind the Grind, and The Great Airspace Chase. Adragna enjoyed being in front of an audience throughout her schooling which resulted in her acting and singing in countless plays and choirs from elementary through college. Once arriving in college, she quickly fell in love with broadcasting and found a home at the school's new radio station.

Her love for media led her to become one of the hosts of the internationally syndicated, award winning radio and web series, 'The Grindhouse Radio' (also known as GHR) in early 2015. On the show she is best described as sweet, bubbly and a refined entertainer. The Grindhouse Radio, a pop culture talk-based podcast is currently syndicated on several digital & terrestrial radio networks (including iHeartRadio, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify Spreaker, SoundCloud and 19 syndicated networks) worldwide with celebrity guests from The Walking Dead, Disney movies, TV shows, voice actors etc., and a listenership of between 3.5 – 4 million weekly.

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Long Island Droid Builders

Long Island Droid BuildersWe are in the Long Island area of New York. Our members have custom built their own life size, operational Star Wars R2D2 droids and a Doctor Who K-9 unit. We operate them for charitable and community events.

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Michele Knotz

Michele KnotzIt is said that Michele Knotz hails from a distant faraway planetoid called New Jersey. She commutes to New York to work on this series you may have heard of called Pokémon. Now in their 21st season, Sun and Moon, Michele returns as the voice of Team Rocket’s Jessie and as an added bonus, Michele voices Bewear, Mudbray, Morelull, and Shiinotic!

Michele is extremely excited to be in FUNimation’s theatrical release (January 2017) of One Piece Film: Gold as the voice of Carina!

Other roles include

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Alisa Stern

Alisa SternAlisa is an animation professional with a decade of experience at every stage of production. She currently works mainly with social media and emerging platforms like Snapchat. In the past, she has worked on commercials, music videos, industrials, and three kid's series for Nickelodeon (Such as Team Umi Zoomi) and Cartoon Network.

Alisa is also the creator, producer, and director of Doctor Puppet, a stop motion animated web series that began as a tiny side project and evolved into a rather large production. Clips from it have been broadcast on the BBC and can also be found on the Doctor Who Series 8 and 9 DVDs. She also manages the very active social media presence of Doctor Puppet.

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Wendy Xu

Wendy XuWendy Xu is a Brooklyn-based illustrator and comics artist. She is co-creator of and is currently drawing "Mooncakes", a graphic novel out in 2019 from Lion Forge Comics. Part of it can be read on Her work has been featured on Catapult, Barnes & Noble Sci-fi/Fantasy Blog, and, among other places. She currently works as an assistant editor curating young adult and children's books. You can find her rants against unseasoned chicken and other terrible cooking ideas on twitter: @angrygirLcomics

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Stephen 'Zambo' Zambito

Stephen ZambitoStephen Zambito is a professional audio producer, actor, model, singer, voice over actor, radio host and brand influencer more widely known internationally under his stage name, Zambo. Zambito has carved himself a place within a niche market in a vast industry wherein he has excelled into the hearts of millions of fans around the globe. He's best known for his work on iHeartRadio's pop culture 'talk radio' series, The Grindhouse Radio (also known as GHR). As a host of GHR, Zambo has played an integral part of the series' booming success in becoming an award winning, internationally syndicated radio show and web series boasting a following of between 3.5 to 4 million listeners weekly worldwide. The Grindhouse has received notable recognition including the honor of being voted the Best Radio Station on Long Island 2017 and has been re-nominated again for the prestigious award in 2018. In this role - he's had the unique opportunity to work with and interview hundreds of top names in the entertainment industry including Ernie Hudson, Phil Lamarr and Sean Schemmel to name a few. Apart from the continued success of GHR, Zambo has seamlessly intertwined himself in the world of screenwriting, acting and producing as he holds a principal role as well as writing credits in the upcoming televised TV comedy, Behind the Grind which will air on Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Apple TV.

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